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Brabantia Laundry Bin 35litre Matt Steel



Got some dirty laundry? Keep it out of sight stylishly in this Brabantia Laundry Bin 35 litre. Its top lid has a clever Quick-Drop opening which you don’t even have to remove to put in laundry. On washdays, take off the lid to easily remove the perfectly fitting cotton laundry bag inside. Of course it is corrosion free, and it has ventilation holes and a protective bottom ring, so it can be used anywhere in your home Laundry at its loveliest.

Handy – no need to open the lid thanks to Quick-drop opening.
Easy to use – cotton laundry bag with smart Velcro closing (easy to put on and take off).
Portable – removable laundry bag makes it easy to carry laundry to the washing machine.
Discrete – lid keeps contents discreetly from view.
No scratching – plastic bottom ring prevents damage to the floor.
Airy – ventilation holes allow laundry to breathe.
Hygienic – machine washable laundry bag inside (at 40°C).
Ideal for the bathroom – made of durable corrosion resistant materials.
Dimensions – Height: 63.5 cm x Length: 30.0 cm x Width: 30.0 cm
Capacity: 35 litres
Diameter: 30.0 cm



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